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3 Way Propane Freezer


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Unique 2 cu/ft Propane Freezer
Need more freezer capacity for longer stays at the camp, cabin or cottage? Want to make sure that your frozen food makes it all the way to the cottage without having to bother with ice, coolers and mess? This rugged, lightweight freezer features side handles and a small footprint for easy portability, and it can run on propane, 12V or 110V power for maximum versatility.
Operation: Propane (LPG)/110V/12V
· Battery Operated Ignition
· 3-way functionality (Primary propane – backup: 12V & 110V)
· Side mounted controls
· Side handles for easy carrying
· Built-in level indicator (unit must be level while operating for optimal performance)
· Thermostat
· Flame indicator
· 12V adaptor included
· Total size: 2.2cu/ft. – 61L
· Dimensions (H x W x D): 26.5” x 25.75” x 20”
· Weight: 82 lbs./37 kg
· Operation: Propane (LPG) / 110V / 12V
· Gas consumption: Approx. 0.7 lbs. LPG in 24 hr. period
· BTU: 1000 max., 500 min
· AC Power: 110V, 1.45 Amp., 160 Watts
· DC Power: 12V, 13.3 Amp., 150 Watts
Model Number:
· UGP-2