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Aquaworld Superbag Bait Tank – 18 Gallon


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SUPERBAGS fit over the transom leaving more room in the cockpit. Unique bait bags with patented “REVERSE FLOW” system — water enters at the top, circulates down through the bait, and is forced to flow out the bottom, flushing scales and debris from the bag. No grommets or mesh panels to clog up with bait and cause overflow. Unique side sleeves fit ALL available mounting brackets. SUPERBAGS fold up and stow away easily and compactly. Simply pull clevis pins to remove brackets and bag.

Molded of Nylon and Fiberglass, The Superbag Bracket sets are super strong, non-corrodible and are virtually unbreakable during use. They are many times stronger than cast aluminum brackets. Sets include SS clevis pins, pre-drilled fiberglass rods, and four SS 1 1/4″ self-tapping screws that hold the assembly together, making it more rigid and stable.

Part Number: SBW-18
Capacity: 18 Gallons

Weight: 10 lbs.