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Blue Sea Systems 7601 Automatic Charger Relay 12/24V DC 65A


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The Mini Automatic Charging Relay (M-ACR) is designed to manage the charging current from alternators up to 65 Amps found on most outboards and many inboard engines.

Start Isolation (SI) protects sensitive electronics by temporarily isolating house loads from the engine circuit during engine cranking, protecting the house circuit from voltage sags and spikes.

The compact design allows for three mounting styles: surface, rear, or panel mount. The M-ACR is also available as a module in a Custom 360 Panel.

Senses charging on two battery banks
Pull off and snap on insulating cover
LED indicates ACR status
1 ∕4″ x .032″ male quick connect terminal for ground
7∕ 16″ (11 mm) stud length to accept multiple cable terminals
Waterproof – rated IP67 for temporary immersion