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Blue Water Bait Tank 48 Gal


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About Blue Water Bait Tanks:
All Blue Water Bait Tanks are double walled construction and contain a bait compartment and a filter compartment. The water gravity flows from the bait compartment up to and through the filter box. The clean filtered water is then returned to the bait compartment through an aerated valve we purchase from Flow_Rite Industries.

We ceased putting spray bars in our tanks fifteen plus years ago and have found these Flow-Rite valves to do an excellent job. These valves displace well oxygenated water at about mid tank level, have an air venturi which will not clog plus an adjustable flow release. The valves are very friendly to scales, quite and do not promote additional foaming problems. These valves are crucial to providing good water flow movement in the tank as well as essential oxygen in keeping bait both healthy and frisky. It is important to note that our well oxygenated water is returned at mid tank level creating an excellent counterclockwise adjustable water movement.

The tanks are insulated with 7/8 inch of polystyrene (we don’t use styrofoam from the discount centers) which makes tempature control very easy to maintain. All exterior surfaces that are exposed to the sun are constructed using the best UV protected High Density Polyethylene available on the market.

All of the fittings are stainless steel except for the knob on the lid which is chrome plated making them user friendly to both fresh and saltwater applications. The tanks are very durable and easy to clean with the lid and filter basket being totally removable.