Calrad Electronics Composite Video with Stereo/Digital Matrix Switches


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40-841M 4 X 2 Composite/S-Video Matrix Switcher Remote/Manual controlled 4 inputs to 2 outputs composite/S-Video Matrix switchers with audio combined. Comes with remote control (batteries included) A/V input cable and DC power supply. Composite/S.Video bandwidth up to 100 Mhz. Switching Control: Via Infra Red Remote Control or Manual Specifications: INPUT: Video Terminals ..Composite & SVHS Jacks x 4 Video Input +1Vpp, 75W Audio Terminals RCA Jacks x 12 Audio Input Stereo (R+L), 40W OUTPUT: Video Terminals Composite & SVHS Jacks x 2 Video Output +1Vpp, 75W Audio Output Stereo (R+L), 40KW Video Bandwidth >250MHz Video Distortion <1.2dB (+/- 3dB) Audio Distortion <0.6dB (+/- 3dB) Channel Isolation >50dB Signal to Noise Ratio <50dB Dimensions 9"(W) x 5.2"(D) x 1.70"(H) Weight (unit only) 580 gm Power Consumed @350mA Maximum Power Source 12Vdc, @500mA AC Adapter Included