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Lewco Battery Charger


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Keeping batteries charged
The FS Lewco battery chargers have electronics that regulate voltage independently to each battery bank. Once a battery bank is charged the FS Lewco battery charger will switch to a float voltage. This keeps batteries from over charging, but also maintains voltage at a useable level.

The charger has a unique multiple stage charge. When a bank is reaching full charge the machine will begin to pulse the bank until the optimum voltage is reached. From that point the machine lowers its output and increases the pulses. That ensures that the batteries stay active without harming them.

The FS Lewco battery charger will begin charging a battery bank the moment the bank begins to go down. If a small load is on the bank the charger will maintain the load to keep the batteries up. The charger will not go into a timed cycle every time a bank goes down, it will bring the bank up then go back to maintaining it even if it only takes a few seconds. This keeps banks that are fully charged from having to endure high voltage timed cycles that would damage charged banks of batteries just because a small intermitent load came on.