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Get your crewmember back onboard fast!

The Lifesling2 saves lives! Lifesling2 is Coast Guard approved and works better than a ring buoy or horseshoe buoy because:

  • It can be towed to the overboard crewmember, rather than the crewmember having to swim to it—this eliminates the danger of the crewmember coming in contact with the hull and propeller
  • It can be used as a lifting sling if the crewmember needs help out of the water

The Lifesling2 system consists of a flotation collar which is a blend of the traditional horseshoe buoy and a helicopter rescue sling. It’s connected to 125′ of multi-filament polypropylene retrieving line which allows the flotation to be towed or thrown to the overboard crewmember. The collar and line are stored for protection against the elements in a rigid and attractive vinyl storage bag. Graphics on the bag clearl illustrate the instructions for recovering a person in the water.

Note: This USCG-approved Lifesling2 is for powerboats with a lifting point 10′ above the water, and sailboats over 20′ LOA.


  • USCG Type: Type V which substitutes for a Type IV
  • Configuration: Horseshoe Buoy/flotation collar
  • Buoyancy: 21 lb.
  • Material: UL-approved foam, line, webbing
  • Dimensions: 22″H x 12.5″W x 5″D
  • Color: White storage bag; yellow Lifesling
  • Mounting/Storage Provisions: Storage bag