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LOOS & COMPANY Rig Tension Gauge for 3/16″ to 1/4″ Wire


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Get the most out of both tacks by tuning the standing rigging.

The mast may appear to be tuned, but if the wire tension differs between port and starboard, your boat may sail faster on one tack over the other.  Loos & Company rig tension gauges are easy to use and take the guesswork out of tuning your rig. Sized for specific wire size ranges, each tension gauge allows sailors to repeatedly tune their rigs within ± 5% accuracy—a must for sailors that travel with their boats. Notches in the edge of the gauge confirm  wire size to be referenced on a chart on the gauge. The chart helps to establish a baseline tune by providing tension (in pounds) and percentage of breaking strength for each wire size. Pro series gauges will hook onto the wire while tensioning to provide constant feedback to the adjustments you make. Get equal performance from both the port and starboard tacks by balancing the tension of your standing rigging using a Loos & Company Rig Tension Gauge.

Key Features

  • Allows sailors to balance rig tension to get the best performance from all points of sail
  • Provides repeatable accuracy within ± 5%
  • Ideal for racers that travel with their boats
  • Includes detailed instructions and chart to establish baseline tune
  • Pro series models hook onto the wire and provide constant feedback while adjusting rig
  • Constructed of lightweight aluminum