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MARINCO Reverse Y-Adapter, (2) 30A Male to (1) 50A Female


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Having trouble finding 50A service? Create 50A service using two 30A connections.

A reverse Y adapter allows you to draw 125V/250V AC current from two 30A outlets. To protect against shock hazard and reverse polarity, a special circuit does not allow current to flow until both plugs are connected properly. This keeps an unplugged plug from being “hot” due to the other plug being energized. The plugs are fully molded and come with sealing collars for use in wet environments.

Key Features

  • Special power isolation circuitry for added safety
  • Reverse Y Adapters are fully molded and equipped with Marinco’s unique sealing collar system for use in wet locations
  • Provides 50 Amp 125/250 Volt power when only (2) 30 Amp 125 Volt receptacles are available


  • Overall Length: 76”
  • Connections: SS2-50R Female and (2)L5-30P Male twist-lock
  • Max. Amperage: 30A
  • Max. Voltage: 250V
  • Cable Size (50A):  6AWG
  • Conductors (50): 4
  • Cable Size (30A):  10AWG
  • Conductors (30A): 3
  • Material: PVC jacket,  Nylon plug bodies, Nickel-Plated Brass contacts