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A U.S. Coast Guard Approved alternative to flares!

The SOS Distress Light is the first and only LED Visual Distress Signal Device that meets U.S. Coast Guard requirements to completely replace traditional pyrotechnic flares. Unlike traditional flares, this electronic flare never expires which solves the challenge of flare disposal.

Onmni-directional horizontal beam plus vertical beam: SOS Distress Light is an LED SOS visual distress signal powered by a high-performance, programmable microprocessor controlling an SOS signal flashed though a potent CREE LED bulb. Provides an omni-directional light display for surface rescue craft and a vertical beam visible to aircraft flying overhead.

Safer Than Flares; Safe for the Environment

The SOS Distress Light is the first and only LED Visual Distress Signal device accepted to completely replace dangerous and environmentally harmful pyrotechnic flares
Complies with all U.S. Coast Guard requirements for “Night Visual Distress Signals” 46 CFR 161.013
When combined with the included daytime distress signal flag, meets all USCG Federal Requirements for carriage of day and night
Designed, engineered, patented, and produced in the USA
One time purchase: no expiration date and no disposal is needed
Family Safe

Simple On/Off switch
Visible for over 10 nautical miles
Environmentally safe battery-operated
Powered by three C-batteries (sold separately)
Buoyant, and lightweight SOS Distress Light, can be handheld, tethered or hoisted aloft
Lasts hours compared to flares, which last minutes, or meteor flares which last mere seconds
Distress Flag Included

The Coast Guard-compliant Orange Distress Flag fulfills the legal requirement for “Day Visual Distress Signal for Boats” (46 CFR 160.072)
The black square and black circle pattern on this orange 36″ x 36″ Distress Flag has proven to be a literal lifesaver in countless daytime aerial searches
Made from a durable orange plastic with brass grommets in each corner, the distress flag, when paired with the SOS C-1001 visual distress signal, meets USCG Federal Requirements for carriage of day and night visual distress signals
Includes cord for attachment

Dimensions: 8 1/2″ H x 4 1/2″ dia.
Visibility: Visible for over 10 nautical miles
Burn Time: Six hours at specified intensity
Light Output:: 75 candela
Pattern: flashes S—O—S
Buoyancy: Floats upright, may be used by person in water
Power Source: Three Alkaline C-batteries (sold separately and user-replaceable)
Approvals: Fulfills all Coast Guard requirements (46 CFR 161.013) for marine distress signals when combined with the included Distress Flag
SOS Distress Light Electronic Flare with Distress Flag
Name Value
Alert / Locate Alert
Burn Time 60 Hours
Color White
Pyrotechnics Electronic Flare
Type Day/Night
Dimensions 4 1/2″ Width x 8 1/2″ Height