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NEW – Johnson Ultima Bilge Pump – 800 GPH


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Johnson Pump Ultima Bilge 800 Gph 3/4″ Hose Dura Ports

Ultima Bilge Pump
UltimaBilge Pumps are the latest addition to the Johnson Pump brand lineup. Integration of the Ultima “field effect” sensing technology into the bilge pump body creates a sleek, reliable and compact unit with integrated switch ready to install and run for years and years of unerring service. Available in 600-800-1000-1250 GPH versions. Voltage 12 V DC. For UltimaBilge 600 GPH-1000 GPH, we have easy-to-install Dura-Port discharge ports to eliminate stress cracking caused by over-tightened hose clamps. These pumps will be delivered including both a straight and a 90 degree smooth elbow Dura-Port.

All version are delivered with a removable check valve.

The Ultima Bilge pumps may be manually operated via the Johnson Pump bilge control panel.


Compact, all-in-one unit
Integrated Ultima Switch sensing right into the pump body
No Mercury
Removable clip on basket design
Removable impeller cover allows for easy clean out
3-wire device can be run in auto or manual override mode
No tools needed for maintenance
Extremely energy efficient
Water-cooled motor for long service intervals
Meets the international standard, ISO 8849 marine
Pump Body: ABS
Shaft Seal: Lip Seal
Shaft: Stainless steel
Voltage: 12 V DC
Capacity 3 ft (0.9 m) head (13.6 V): 38 l/min – 600 GPH
Capacity straight (13.6 V): 51 l/min – 800 GPH
Amperage: 3 A
Fuse Size: 5 A
Connection: 3/4″
Length:142 mm – 6″
Width:82 mm – 3.2″
Height:105 mm – 4.1″
Weight:0.66 kg – 23.3 oz.

Manufacturer Part Number: 32-47259-003