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Pro Mariner TruePower Combi 2500W QS – 110V AC/12V DC


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Convert DC Battery Power to Filtered AC Household Power. Designed specifically for the most rugged marine applications. Seamless conversion of DC battery power to filtered low noise AC household power. AC Switch automatically selects AC or DC power inputs (depending on which source is available), ensuring AC household power is available at all times. TruePower QS includes a digitally controlled, True 3-Stage battery charger that can automatically recharge, condition and maintain batteries. Whether on the water or on the road, TruePowerQS Series is ideal for large AC load applications such as air conditioners, refrigerators, microwaves, hair dryers, office equipment, power tools and more. Select the model that’s right for you!

2.8x Surge Rating with 1.0 Power Factor
7 Selectable 3-Stage Battery Charge Profiles
Compact, Robust Design: Easy-to-install, space saving design
Fully Automatic Battery Charger and Inverter: Instant AC transfer switch passes AC shore/station power. Charges batteries when shore/station power is present, or switches safely into DC to AC inverter mode, making AC household power available on the water or on the road.
Charger Mode: Integrated, Automatic True 3-Stage Marine
Grade Battery Charger: Built-in digital control technology provides seven user-selectable charge profiles for today’s various battery chemistries
Inverter Mode: Efficient, Quiet Conversion from DC Power to AC Power. Filtered Quasi (modified) Sine Wave AC output. Ideal for appliances, power tools and electronics. Inverter delivers 2.8 times surge capacity for demanding applications such as air conditioners, microwaves, refrigerators and more. Pure sine wave passes through while connected to AC shore/station power.
Built-in Safety: Overload, Over Temperature, High and Low Battery Voltage Protection designed and constructed to FCC Class A, Marine UL 1236, UL 458, and CE ABYC-A 31 Marine Compliant