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SHURFLO Flush-Mount Water Regulator/Inlet


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Unlimited water supply that protects your boat’s freshwater system.

The Shuflo water regulator inlet provides a port to connect to city water for an unlimited supply of freshwater. An internal check valve maintains a nominal pressure and guards the freshwater pump, fixtures and hoses against high pressure surges. A integrated backflow preventer allows the system to seamless switch back to onboard water tanks.

Key Features

  • Convenient inlet to connect freshwater system to dock supplied city water
  • Protects onboard freshwater system from high pressure surges from city supplied water
  • Integrated backflow preventer allows onboard system to function as normal when not connected to city water
  • Flush mounted inlet prevent hose connections from catching on dock lines and fender whips


Compatibility Intakes
Diameter 4 3/4″ Width x 4 3/4″ Length x 3 3/4″ Depth