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TackTick mn 100 Analogue Display


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This multifunctional, single line, large font display unit is a part of the Micronet MN 100 System. Its wireless, its solar powered and is a totally waterproof unit. With easy see 1.5 in digits anyone onboard can quickly get a visual read on the most important factors that play into your progress around the race course.

When purchased with the appropriate transmitters and data feeds this unit can digitally display a wealth of information such as: Apparent Wind Speed or Angle, High Wind Alarm, True Wind Speed or Angle, True Wind Direction, VMG to Wind, Header or Lift Indicator, Heading, Off-Course Alarm, Tack Course, Boat speed, Log, Trip Log, Average Speed, Max Speed, Speed Over Ground, Course Over Ground, Latitude and Longitude, VMG to Waypoint, Distance, Bearing to Waypoint, Turn to Waypoint, Cross Track Error, TTG, Waypoint and XTE Alarms and Depth, Shallow and Deep Depth Alarm, Sea Temperature, Race Timer, and Performance Data (using Proprietary NMEA Sentences through the T122 Wireless Interface).


No wiring: receive all date via a wireless connection
Solar powered with 300 hours autonomy
Displays ANY single data type
Super-large 38mm (1.5 in.) digital readout
Simple to configure
Backlighting to three levels
Total waterproof (is submersible to 10m)
Lightweight, only 230g (0.51 lb.)