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WEST MARINE Gunwale-Mount Ladders


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Stainless steel gunwale-mounted ladders are a secure, strong, removable boarding system.

Handrails have a 180° bend and rise 5″ above the deck to provide secure handholds, so boarding your boat becomes more like climbing out of a swimming pool.

Two buttons in the bottom of the handrails slide into a pair of included keyhole mounts with secure retainer clips. The cushioned standoffs can be cut to fit hull contours.

The bottom two steps of these ladders fold up and clip flush against the ladder for compact storage. And they are made of 304 stainless steel tubing, to withstand the saltwater boating environment.

Key Features

Choose from a four, five or six step ladder, with 45 1/2″, 55 1/8″ or 65 1/8″ unfolded length
The bottom two steps and lower hull standoffs fold flat against the ladder for storage
Included keyhole mounts are 3 1/2″L x 1 1/2″ wide and require four 1/4″ mounting bolts (sold separately)
Mounts also include backing plates for under-deck reinforcement, and two plastic retainer clips that securely hold the ladder in the mount
Extra sets of mounts, clips and backing plates available in case you have more than one boat
13 3/4″ width (outside dimension)
Capacity is 275 pounds